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In response to popular demand, AllQuizzes.Net is now BrightQuizzes.Com!

At BrightQuizzes.Com, customers can purchase one year of access to individual quiz sets.

As of May 15, 2016, 15 Complete Quiz Sets are available for purchase at BrightQuizzes.Com.

Over the summer, I plan to add at least one new Complete Quiz Set each day. Some of the newly added Quiz Sets will be Quiz Sets that were already available at AllQuizzes.Net. Others will be Quiz Sets that were available at AllQuizzes.Net but had not yet been made iPad ready. And still other Quiz Sets will be Quiz Sets for entirely new books.

QUESTION: I currently have an active AllQuizzes.Net Monthly Subscription or a One Year Access Pass. What do these changes mean for me?

ANSWER: If you have a current Monthly Subscription or a One Year Access Pass, you can continue to access all of the quizzes available at AllQuizzes.Net until either (1) You cancel your Monthly Subscription, or (2) Your One Year Access Pass expires.

QUESTION: I have an active Monthly Subscription (or One Year Access Pass) to AllQuizzes.Net. However, I would like to access some of the new quizzes available at BrightQuizzes.Com. Will the User Name and Password I use at AllQuizzes.Net also work at BrightQuizzes.Com?

ANSWER: No. If you would like to access quizzes at BrightQuizzes.Com that are not available at AllQuizzes.Net, you would need to purchase access to those quizzes at BrightQuizzes.Com.

QUESTION: I want to purchase access to the quizzes at AllQuizzes.Net. Can I still do that?

ANSWER: At this time, I am not accepting new customers and/or purchases at AllQuizzes.Net.

QUESTION: Will the quizzes at BrightQuizzes.Com be iPad-ready?

ANSWER: Yes. ALL of the quizzes available at BrightQuizzes.Com are iPad-ready. The quizzes at BrightQuizzes.Com can also be accessed from most desktop and laptop computers.